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Cycling in Birchwood

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This really should be a ramp. These steps limit access by disabled people.

Awkward entrance to this bridge, with an unnecessary bollard. And the bridge's surface is very slippery, with numerous flaws that create trip hazards.

The new bus gate on Scotland Road is welcome - shame about the priority on the exit.

Scotland Road bus gate

New bus gate on Scotland Road

New "high quality" cycle route crosses the two lane entry for Brian Bevan Island. No priority. No protection.

Shared use pavement goes through a bus shelter. (A "High quality cycle route" according to Warrington Council.) I thought they were not supposed to install this sort of rubbish any more. Not only that, but the dangerous half-width cycle lan ... [more]

Half width contraflow cycle lane

The Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) now has a barrier-free tarmac surface between Knutsford Road and London Road.

View of the cantilever bridge crossing the Manchester Ship Canal from the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

cyclist with ladder

Poorly designed link from the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) to Archer Avenue. A narrow cycleway leads to the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means to access the carriageway.

A rare example of an access control barrier that is actually wide enough to ride through. Why it is there at all is another question as access to this stretch of the Transpennine Trail is open at other points.

Poorly designed access to the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) from Westbrook Avenue. A narrow path leads from the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means of getting from the carriageway.

Poorly designed access to the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) from Clarke Avenue. A narrow path leads from the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means of getting from the carriageway.

New tarmac surface on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) has now been widened and surfaced between the London Road and Knutsford Road.

Cyclists offered a choice of difficult obstacles to negotiate.

What bright spark came up with the idea that a kissing gate is just what a cycle route needs?

The awkward gate #87385 is now unlocked and permanently open

How not to design the end of a cycleway.

Cycleway diverts round the corner them makes a sharp 90 degree turn to cross the side road without priority.

No way to turn off from the newly constructed shared pavement into Tan House lane.

Motor free road - the bypass to the gate could be better.

Cycleway crosses arm of roundabout with no priority.

Left hand filter lanes are awful for cyclists heading straight on as you need to negotiate into the middle of the road. This one is particularly gratuitous since hardly any traffic heading ion this direction will take that turn. The reverse ... [more]

parking in front of homes

Parking in front of and underneath flats

Dark, muddy path is not cycle friendly

Unnecessary cycle lane on pavement at road junction

The car parking even extends underneath this block of flats

Are these homes designed for cars or for humans?

The 'local centre' is mainly just a giant supermarket with an even bigger car park. This is not walk or cycle friendly.

Well-built bus stop (although lacking information)

Local pub is dwarfed by its car park

Traffic calming hump with cycle bypass

There is so much car parking provision along this street that it looks more like a linear car park.

Poor and confusing information at bus stop

Bus map difficult to read

Approach to the traffic free section of Academy Way Cycle symbols encourage cyclists to adopt a sensible road position to avoid left hooks.

The signs can't all be correct!

Bicycles only westbound on Academy Way

End of cycleway - with textured paving to stop people continuing on the pavement. But, no dropped kerb for cyclists to get onto the road.

Cycleway ends leaving cyclists on the wrong side of the street. Where are cyclists supposed to go?

What on earth is the point of converting this 8 metre stretch of pavement to shared use?

Bollards with reflective strips replace the tight chicane barriers that were there before #84832

Detail of edge of cycleway. Wooden edging pegged into the top of a very steep bank. It is OK at the moment, but doesn't look like it was built to last.

Woolson New Cut greenway. New tarmac surface, but not really wide enough.

Woolson New Cut greenway

This cycleway meets another cycleway at a T junction - so why the "END OF CYCLE ROUTE" sign and incorrect tactile paving?

Brand new road with no constraints of space - so why is the cycleway design so dangerous that cyclists are told to get off?

Total shit at the arse end of the car park. Do better @asda and maybe our towns wouldn't be so clogged with motor vehicles. This is a town centre store in the middle of Warrington FFS. See also #84872.

This hump (perhaps 2 feet high) of earth and tree roots is all that prevents easy access between the nearby housing estate and the route to Hollins Green.

This hump (perhaps 2 feet high) of earth and tree roots is all that prevents easy access between the nearby housing estate and the route to Hollins Green.

More pointless barriers. Cyclists aren't stupid. If there's a risk of conflict, put SLOW on the surface, as we do on the roads. Don't put these unforgiving barriers in.

Last stretch of Black Bear Park greenway finally gets a tarmac surface. Unfortunately the anti-cycle barrier is #84821 wasn't removed while they were at it.

Black Bear park now surfaced - addresses the step. The ramp up to Kingsway could still do to be wider.

Sankey Street closed to cars to enable footway widening.

Cones are now less cluttered and there is a more substantial barrier. However, the cycle lane is still unnecessarily narrow and blocked at the far end: #140387 UPDATE 2021: the direction of the one-way street has changed. Now there is a ... [more]

Entrance to covid-19 pop-up cycle lane blocked by cones and a sign. UPDATE NOV 2020: Covid cycle lane removed.

Pop-up cycle lane on Bold Street now has more substantial barriers ... obstructing the exit onto Wilson Patten Street UPDATE 2021: the direction of the one-way street has changed. Now there is a very narrow painted cycle contraflow lane: ... [more]

Cattle pen removed from central island to give more space to pedestrians as a resonse to the covid pandemic. Unfortunately the cycle is still very long so queues of pedestrians still build up.

Carriageway reallocated to create wider footway with temporary bus boarding platform as a response to the covid pandemic.

Parking spaces taken out to widen the footway as a response to the covid pandemic. I'm not sure why they didn't take the whole width of the parking bay - or indeed some of the carriageway, which is very wide at this point. UPDATE Novembe ... [more]

Temporary covid footway widening.

Temporary pedestrian crossing as a response to the covid pandemic. Unfortunately the pedestrian signal heads are facing the wrong way! It shows just how much road space is available. Update 2nd July: Pedestrian signal heads now facing th ... [more]

Covid-19 funding used to fund a very short stretch of this long needed improvement of this stretch of cycleway #52592 - (they didn't get as far as #84321) You would have thought that they would have cleared the vegetation while they were a ... [more]

Covid-19 road closure on Academy Way leaves a gap for cyclists. (if a bit on the tight side) UPDATE JAN 2021: This arrangement has now been made permanent #161230

Someone forgot to include cyclists on the the covid-19 road closure sign.

Cyclists exempt from the covid-19 road closure on Winwick Street. Unfortunately the sign at the other end doesnt mention cyclists #137723

Covid-19 road closure of Barbauld Street. This creates an opportunity to create a cycle route from Warrington Town centre to the south via Arpley Road (in the distance #137710 ) avoiding the Bridge Foot Giratory. A crossing of Wilson Patten ... [more]

Opportunity to create a cycle route into the town centre from Arpley Road to the recently closed stretch of Barbauld Street (in the distance #137717 ). Just needs a short stretch of cycle path from here to a toucan crossing of Wilson Patten ... [more]

The road is wide enough for marked parking bays so plenty of room to widen the pavement, but what does Warrington Council do? Make the pavements one way! What are you supposed to do if you want to get to the high street? Walk all the way up ... [more]

Pavement so narrow that the sides of the bus shelter had to be removed - yet the council put signs up telling pedestrians to "Maintain the Gap". How? UPDATE 25th June: Carriageway space has been reallocated to widen the bus stop: #139538

The high street is very wide and even has space for parking bays, yet the best Warrington Borough Council can come up with as a response to the pandemic is stickers telling pedestrians to maintain their distance on the narrow pavement left ... [more]

What is needed is wider pavements - not signs telling pedestrians to mind the gap on a pavement that is obviously too narrow. The road is very wide here. UPDATE 25th June: barriers have been installed to widen the footway: #139535

Just putting stickers down to tell pedestrians to "Maintain the Gap" when the pavement squeezes between a building and railings is rather missing the point.

Modal filter outside the Parr Hall

Good that cyclists are exempted from pop-up covid left turn ban at the end of Winmarleigh Street, but it is a real squeeze to get into the cycle lane past the sign at elbow height. It's not as if the road is narrow.

Cyclists exempt from the covid-19 turning restriction on Winmarleigh St. A shame the implementation at the junction is so poor #133599

A forest of cones makes the southern end of the Bold Street pop-up contraflow cycle lane a bit of an obstacle course. UPDATE 27th June: It gets worse. Now there are more substantial barriers blocking the exit of the cycle lane: #140387 ... [more]

Cycle bypass to the road closure on Academy Way. A bit of a squeeze past the sign.

Pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Bold Street - mostly occupied by cones. UPDATE 2021: the direction of the one-way street has changed. Now there is a very narrow painted cycle contraflow lane: #167720

cones obstructing the eastern end of the St Austins Lane pop-up cycle lane.Why? UPDATE NOV 2020: Covid cycle lane removed ... at the height of the second peak!

pop-up contraflow cycle lane on St Austins Lane. While the idea is good the implementation is dreadful. Until yesterday the road was taking 2-way motor traffic, so why on earth does the cycle lane have to be so narrow with signs further con ... [more]

Half-width covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the Kingsway bridge. It is only 1.2m between the fence and the cones so much too narrow to ride comfortably. Heading in the other direction it makes it very difficult for cyclists to turn right onto ... [more]

Cycling permitted in Warrington town centre Pedestrian and Cycle Zone

cycling now permitted on Buttermarket Street (formerly pedestrians only)

Cycling now allowed in Warrington town centre pedestrian zone

Cycling now permitted on Sankey Street (formerly pedestrians only)

Cycling now allowed in Warrington town centre pedestrianised area.

Cycling now permitted on Bridge Street. (formerly a pedestrian zone)

Cycleway heading north from the Birchwood Way roundabout does not provide a dropped kerb for cyclists to continue along Crab Lane. Instead the cycleway turns left along Fearnhead Lane where is simply stops #113995 (again with no dropped ker ... [more]

Cycleway comes to an end with no dropped kerb to rejoin the carriageway. You would have though it might have occurred to the planners to provide a legally useable cycle crossing at this point rather than routing cyclists to a pedestrian onl ... [more]

Illustrates the anti-cycling policies of Warrington Council. Cycleway is only provided with crossings on the entrance arms of the roundabout - NOT the exits. This means that cyclists face the added danger and delay of having to make extr ... [more]

A frame barrier across tarmac path serves no purpose whatsoever as it is easily bypassed by the rough path to the right.

This road west to Spike Island is in terrible condition, which is a real shame as it could be a good link to Runcorn.

A serious drainage problem exists here. The water when pictured was almost a foot deep.

Fair play to whoever in Warrington decided to build these underpasses when the dual carriageways were constructed - they're superb.

Chicane barriers on the Transpennine trail NCN62. I suppose the idea is to slow down cyclists approaching the road, but this is entirely unnecessary as they are at the top of a steep ramp. The one positive is that they are a great improv ... [more]

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