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Cycling in Birchwood

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Pointless obstructions. Most of the users here are on the cycle route, so why do they have to give way to the odd rare bus using the adjoining road?

Recently constructed junction on one of Warrington's signed cycle routes. Unfortunately, cyclists do not seem to have been considered in the design. It is not possible to ride the line of the route (towards Hall Street #84869) and there is ... [more]

Signed cycle route from Woolston arrives in central Warrington here (see the sign in the background #83868). The new junction arrangement fails to allow for cyclists to turn right here heading towards Central Station.

Strange give way markings. Cyclists using the contraflow bus lane coming towards the photograph have to yield to cars emerging from the car park. UPDATE - June 2018: The give way markings have now been removed.

Illegally parked car protects cyclists from getting their wheels caught on the wrong type of corduroy paving #83711

A horrible pinch point on the brow of a hill as the A50 Knutsford Road leaves Warrington and traffic accelerates to the national speed limit. A pathetic attempt has been made at a cycle bypass, but it just throws you unextepectedly back int ... [more]

Tran Pennine Trail goes through a large muddy puddle through the bridge under the A56. UPDATE 2018 - this section now has a tarmac surface - though not particularly smooth.

Route Sign at the southern end of Warrington cycle route 5

Dangerous Give Way markings for Springbrook Road are set forward into the road, obstructing cyclists heading for the cycle lane.

Tarmac surface track on narrow neck of land between River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. A nice (if unofficial) cycle route beween Warrington and Runcorn.

potholed track

Barrier - easily avoided

Road surface is very potholed

Cycle Route sign in small print and set well back from the junction is unreadable on most approaches. These sort of finger posts are fine on cycle paths but not much use at large road junctions.

Low white concrete bollards allow cyclists to pass while preventing motor vehicles crossing the bridge. A far superior solution than the kissing gate at the other end of the bridge

Chicane barrier

Warrington Borough Council had money to spare after constructing the Birchwood to Sankey Way cycle route so could afford to splash out on this heavy duty kissing gate to make the route unuseble.

Chicane barriers

Route sign pointing to the Birchwood to Sankey route eastbound - a sign showing the westbound route is needed. Destination information would also be helful.

Route Sign

Traffic calming chicane with a straight-through cycle by-pass

route sign

Fiddle pavement conversion results in absurdly short stretches of shared use and completely unprotected crossing of the entry and exit arms of the roundabout.

route sign

Pavement conversion has an uprotected crossing of the busy exit and entry arms of a high speed roundabout

route sign

route sign shows destinations and distances

Birchwood to Sankey Way cycle route crosses the busy A574 Cromwell Avenue at an unprotected crossing.

A short, narrow, green mandatory cycle lane on a roundabout on the A574 Cromwell Avenue

Route Sign

Chicane Barrier

Chicane barriers

Chicane barriers

Chicane barriers

Chicane Barrier - this used to be a good route until the council decided to "upgrade" it by adding obstacles.

A route sign is needed to show where this cycle path goes to - rather than a misleading "End of Cycle Route" sign

Chicane Barrier - easily avoided by riding on the mud

Chicane Barrier - better than the kissing gate that used to be here,

Chicane Barrier


What is really needed here are route signs showing the destinations for the cyclepaths connecting with Birchwood to Sankey Way, rather than misleading "End of Route" signs.

Chicane - easily avoidable in dry weather

Chicane - easily avoided in dry weather

Fences protect the side of the greenway where it crosses a ditch. They should really be set back 0.5m to maintain the full effective width.

Chicane Barrier

When constructing the path through Sankey Valley Park "End of Route" signs have been sited at all junctions - even where these are cycle paths. A Route sign to Cresford Close would be more useful here.

Chicane barrier - most avoid it by riding round on the mud

Chicane barrier - easily avoided in dry weather

Birchwood to Sankey Way: 3m wide unlit greenway follows a winding route through Sankey Valley Park.

Route signs

old route sign - with no destinations


Cyclists Dismount

old and rather useless route sign.

Bollard and canal bridge

Old Sankey Valley Park signs - show no destination information


Two A frames. These may be an easier alternative to avoid the even tighter barrier #87385

Tiny gap - difficult for handle bars or pregnant pedestrians UPDATE 2018: The gate has been removed.

Awkward barrier forces cyclists to dismount and walk through a puddle.

Four Sheffield Stands

Steps on the Sankey Valley Greenway

Steps on the Sankey Valley cycle route

Steps on bridge taking Sankey Way greenway across the canal. A route sign would be a good idea here as it is not obvious that this is meant to be a cycle route.

Shared use pavement. No adaption whatsoever other than the blue sign to make it usable by cyclists.

Toucan crossing. Good response time on pressing the button. Wide gently angled stagger on central reservation.

route sign

Cyclists dismount to cross the motorway bridge.

Narow, poor quality tarmac path. Unfortunately no connection to Birchwood Bolulevard - just a high fence.

Underpass under Birchwood Way. Wide, smooth and no steep ramps or barriers.

Route sign

Wheelbender cycle stands at Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Centre.

Pyramid - 6 sheffield stands - mounted too close to the wall.

slotted gulley cover could trap cycle wheels at this crossing

Incorrect use of corduroy paving to denote a segregated-shared-use path.

a collection of avoidable obstructions at the entrance to Sankey Valley Park

route sign

Multi-stage crossing with tight staggered cattle pens on the islands. Very awkward and time consuming.

Dual carriageway widens out to 4 lanes with a dedicated LH filter lane. Cyclists heading straight ahead need to filter into lane 2 - very intimidating.

route sign

route sign

Toucan crossing with a sharp fenced zig-zag at the central reservation

toucan crossing

shared-use bus stop

route sign

Cyclists following this fidldy segregated-shared-use path need to make a sharp turn across the exit of the roundabout.

Unprotected crossing of exit/entry arms of a high speed roundabout.

Two-way shared-use cycleway switches from one side of Whittle Avenue to the other - necessitating a delay to cross at the toucan crossing.

Illegal parking obstructing the bus lane

Illegally parking in the cycle lane.

20mph limit and bus lanes on approach to Chappleford.

Shared use pavement conversion with no protection across entry and exit arms of a roundabout.

Excessive use of railings represent a crush hazard - particularly on the inside of curves

Toucan crossing set so far back from the desire line for pedestrians that the council have resorted to excesive railings #85715. These are a danger to cyclists using the carriageway.

Very difficult barrier to pass

Fiddly shared use pavement conversion with no protection across exit/entry slip roads at a large fast roundabout.

Utterly pointless, short, narrow, green, advisory cycle lane

route sign

cycle path yields priority to a minor road crossing.

Wide, smooth, lit cycleway

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