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The Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) now has a barrier-free tarmac surface between Knutsford Road and London Road.

View of the cantilever bridge crossing the Manchester Ship Canal from the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

cyclist with ladder

Poorly designed link from the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) to Archer Avenue. A narrow cycleway leads to the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means to access the carriageway.

A rare example of an access control barrier that is actually wide enough to ride through. Why it is there at all is another question as access to this stretch of the Transpennine Trail is open at other points.

Poorly designed access to the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) from Westbrook Avenue. A narrow path leads from the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means of getting from the carriageway.

Poorly designed access to the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) from Clarke Avenue. A narrow path leads from the pavement behind parked cars with no dropped kerb or means of getting from the carriageway.

New tarmac surface on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) has now been widened and surfaced between the London Road and Knutsford Road.

Covid-19 funding used to fund a very short stretch of this long needed improvement of this stretch of cycleway #52592 - (they didn't get as far as #84321) You would have thought that they would have cleared the vegetation while they were a ... [more]

Chicane barriers on the Transpennine trail NCN62. I suppose the idea is to slow down cyclists approaching the road, but this is entirely unnecessary as they are at the top of a steep ramp. The one positive is that they are a great improv ... [more]

Touring family from Germany gets stuck once they reach Warrington Borough Council's barriers :-( They made it to Liverpool with the help of locals however after visiting Ireland they used a van rather than the Trans-Pennine Trail to get ... [more]

TPT route sign

"A frame" barrier #84328 can now be avoided on the Transpennine Trail (NCN 62) UPDATE July 2019: The gate has been locked again

Pointless barrier #58753 now has a bypass. The track is still steep and poorly surfaced.

Tran Pennine Trail goes through a large muddy puddle through the bridge under the A56. UPDATE 2018 - this section now has a tarmac surface - though not particularly smooth.

Narrow rough surface on the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) UPDATE 2021: Now has a wider tarmac surface #167635

Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) follows a quiet road along the south bank of the Mersey

route sign

At first glance the 6 Sheffield stands at the Heatly Co-op seem to be generous provision. However, on closer inspection these are minature stands (probably intended for childrens bikes) and there isn't room to fit a bike behind the parked c ... [more]

Cyclists Dismount sign

Devereux Cycles

Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) crosses a busy A road at an acute angle with poor visibility and no protection whatsoever.

'A' frame obstructing the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

Barrier obstructing the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

'A' frame obstructing NCN62

'A' frame barier obstructing the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

'A' frame barrier - can be avoided by lifting your bike over the horse step.

'A' frame obstruction

Chicane barriers are much too close together to ride through.

cycle parking at the ranger cabin at Statham

One of many barriers obstructing the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) as it passes Lymm.

'A' frame barrier obstructing the national cycle network. The horse barrier to the left is a bit easier.

Muddy section of the Trans Penine Trail - during dry weather.

Kissing gate replaced by an 'A' frame barrier. UPDATE 2018: The kissing gate has now been replace by chicanes.

sign for national cycle network - but no indication of destinations

Steps do not make ideal conditions for a signed cycle route.

A 500m long stretch of the Trans Pennine Trail with a decent tarmac surface - could do with cleaning as mud tends to accumulate in the cutting.

Extremely muddy section of the TransPennine Trail (NCN62). Photo was taken during dry weather.

Separate steps for pedestrians and ramp for cyclists. Shame about the surface quality.

Barrier obstructing the national cycle network

Direction sign

'A' Frame barrier

Poorly surfaced track with muddy patches.

A spot to have a rest on the steep climb up to the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

'A' frame barrier

No direction sign where the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62) leaves Bradshaw Lane.

Wheeling Ramp.

Route Signs

Trans Pennine Trail route signs - but which way is it to Liverpool?

Separate route for pedestrians and cyclists on this stretch of the Trans Pennine Trail

Tans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) is narrow, poorly surfaced and tends to form large puddles in this stretch (photo shot after a dry spell in summer).

Very tight 'A' frame barrier. It is in a dip so a large puddle tends to form after wet weather making wet feet inevitable.

Nasty, long pinch point on NCN 62

Cyclists Dismount

This is the national cycle nework - not a BMX track!

sign on the national cycle network

Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) follows an indirect, narrow & poorly surfaced diversion round the sewage works.

Cycle bridge. I'm not sure how the expense was justified being as how Barnard Street crosses a perfectly acceptable bridge imediately to the north.

Trans-Pennine Trail route sign

Trans-Pennine Trail sign at Knutsford Road swing bridge

'A' frame on the TPT

'A' frame barrier. Unusually, actually wide enough to fit the handlebars through. Plus a CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign.

'A' frame barrier

Trans-Pennine Trail (NCN62) heads through the narrow chicane barrier on the right. The alternative path to the left is slightly better surfaced, wider and free from obstruction.

'A' frame barrier obstructing the Trans-Pennine Trail (NCN62)

Reasonably passable chicane barrier

'A' frame can be avoided by a little path to the left UPDATE 2021: The barrier has been removed and the path widened and surfaced: #167660

This used to be a difficult barrier, but has been replaced with an 'A' frame, which can be avoided by riding through the open gate. UPDATE 2021: The barrier has been removed when the trail was recently surfaced: #167635

Diversion on Trans Pennine Trail - has been in place for quite a while. UPDATE 2021: Five years on the route has now been constructed. #167633

Barrier where two cycle routes (Trans-Pennine Trail NCN62 & Black Bear Park) cross the A49 at a toucan crossing. The pavement can get very crowded when even small groups try to thread themselves from the crossing through the barrier. The s ... [more]

Section of the Trans-Pennine Trail has been closed by site works for a few years.

No surprises here.

Another gate and A-frame on the Trans Pennine Trail

A wide section of path, but very dusty in dry conditions.

Another A-frame and gate on the St Helens Canal path

'Danger - Unstable canal wall. No Angling.'

To the left, the Trans Pennine Trail, to the right, the Trans Pennine Trail. Helpful!

NCN 62 adjacent to St Helens Canal

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