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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within Birchwood.
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The A57 from Peel Green (and further East) to the boundary with Warrington is a decent cycle path, one suitable for all users. It comes to an abrupt end at Hollins Green and from there to Woolston, it is 50mph and narrow. I wince every ti ... [more]

Detail of edge of cycleway. Wooden edging pegged into the top of a very steep bank. It is OK at the moment, but doesn't look like it was built to last.

Brand new road with no constraints of space - so why is the cycleway design so dangerous that cyclists are told to get off?

Dangerous road to cross between cycle routes - needs a crossing for pedestrians and cyclists

Signage needed

Signage needed

A-frames and narrow paths exclude use of bike trailers, electric mobility scooters, and non-standard bikes (often used by the most vulnerable road users). At best this prevents use of quiet routes, at worse it forces these users onto neighb ... [more]

Provision on the roundabout needed for cyclists. When heading north cyclists are forced into the middle lane as the left turn is for the motorway.

An array of endless chicanes, all of which are easily bypassed...unless you're in a wheelchair, mobility scooter etc.

Busy road with parked cars and no provision for safe sysling for main route into/out of town

Rushgreen road narrow past sainsbury's, lots of close passes in this area.

The link between Academy Way and Hall Street is not easy for cyclists, especially if trying to maintain distancing. The pavement/road crossing need to be widened

A ramp would be better than steps for cyclists

A ramp would be better than steps for cyclists

Path widening would help cyclists stay safe away from the road

A foot/cycle path across this field would provide a useful link

This is a signed cycle route to Vine Crescent, but the path & bridge need upgrading

Upgrading this footbridge would open up a useful cycle route

The cycle links here are clumsy - some dropped kerbs and paint would help.

The cycle path links are clumsy here - a bit of paint and a couple of dropped kerbs would help.

Is there a way to get pedestrians/cyclists under the road here, rather than using the crossing? It would help keep everyone moving and improve safety.

This section of the TPT needs widening and surfacing

A dropped kerb and wider pathway here needed to make this cycle route credible

(Big ticket item!) Replacing this footbridge cycleway would open up a link between Latchford and town centre, avoiding busy road junctions

MIssing link in pavement/cycleway. necessitates crossing road twice.

The exit of the pop-up cycle lane on Bold Street is obstructed by barriers. See:

Cones are now less cluttered and there is a more substantial barrier. However, the cycle lane is still unnecessarily narrow and blocked at the far end: #140387

The whole of London Road (A49) here has wide verges but no cycle path.

This road has been made one way so cars can now speed in one direction. There is plenty of room for a cycle way and pavement rather than the traffic calming measures that have forced pedestrians into the middle of the road.

A large verge but no pavement or cycle way. There are a stream of big coaches and wagons that make this area dangerous.

Covid-19 funding used to fund a very short stretch of this long needed improvement of this stretch of cycleway #52592 - (they didn't get as far as #84321) You would have thought that they would have cleared the vegetation while they were a ... [more]

A crossing here would enable cyclists and pedestrians to get to the town centre from the south (via Arply Rd & Barbould St) avoiding Bridge Foot.

Confusing sign that says cycle path which is a footpath that cuts across bus stop and a extremely narrow pinch point to a pedestrian crossing

Confusing sign that says cycle path which is a footpath that cuts across bus stop and a extremely narrow pinch point to a pedestrian crossing

Contraflow cycle lane would be useful on the northern part of Bold Street

Potential to covert traffic lanes on Manchester Road to create pop-up cycle lanes as the New Cut path is too narrow to use safely during the pandemic.

Cars regularly parking on double yellow lines and in the cycle lane.

Narrow footway often overgrown with no space to pass users, other than walking or cycling on the grass verge beside fast traffic. Need to widen footway surface to kerbline to continue Salford's shared facility from the east.

The pavement on the ship canal side of the road should be widened and signed as the cycle path. Pedestrians encouraged to use the other side of the road. This would provide link between two disconnected sections of the trans pennine trail.

pop-up contraflow cycle lane on St Austins Lane. While the idea is good the implementation is dreadful. Until yesterday the road was taking 2-way motor traffic, so why on earth does the cycle lane have to be so narrow with signs further con ... [more]

cones obstructing the eastern end of the St Austins Lane pop-up cycle lane.Why? UPDATE NOV 2020: Covid cycle lane removed ... at the height of the second peak!

Pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Bold Street - mostly occupied by cones.

A forest of cones makes the southern end of the Bold Street pop-up contraflow cycle lane a bit of an obstacle course. UPDATE 27th June: It gets worse. Now there are more substantial barriers blocking the exit of the cycle lane: #140387

Good that cyclists are exempted from pop-up covid left turn ban at the end of Winmarleigh Street, but it is a real squeeze to get into the cycle lane past the sign at elbow height. It's not as if the road is narrow.

Half-width covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the Kingsway bridge. It is only 1.2m between the fence and the cones so much too narrow to ride comfortably. Heading in the other direction it makes it very difficult for cyclists to turn right onto ... [more]

Chester road is not well marked for speed limits and is dangerous for cycling. It needs a cycle way heading east out of stockton heath somewhere towards grappenhall

Segregated cycle lane much needed, paint does nothing to stop traffic entering it

Contraflow mandatory cycle lane for children to get to school. this would really improve access for the community of Westy to utilise facilities in Victoria park and get into warrington town centre

My child is now forced to cycle on two busyt A roads since this new one way system has been introduced. This needs a mandatory cycleway going from knutsford road to chester road.

Unsurfaced section under trees, gets extremely muddy

Cycle lanes from faraday st just stop

Fast roundabout with no provision for cyclists or pedestrians to cross safely.

Fast roundabout with no protection for cyclists or pedestrians to cross safely

No droped curb to pathway

No cycling provision on Wilson pattern street

Very narrow kissing gate anti cycling measure should be removed.

Cycleway yeilds to minor carpark entrance.

Cycle lane ends before before turning to cycle oath available. Extend cycle oath.

Narrow cycle lane ends prior to junction. Reallocate one of the two general traffic lanes to cycles.

Narrow, restricted shared use. Expand.

Cycle lane on left disappears. Cycle lanes should allow for right turning bikes (as this is the main dirrc5tion of traffic)

Very narrow cycle bypass at pinch point is covered in debris and encroaching vegetation. Clearing required and narrowing of raised area.

Path not illuminated at night and lights from passing cars make navigation more difficult.

Shared use path has a sharp turn on a hill, then path ends to cross the road. Difficult to navigate in either direction, and slippy in autumn/winter (wet leaves/ice). Path direction could be altered to remove bend and improve visibility int ... [more]

Illustrates the anti-cycling policies of Warrington Council. Cycleway is only provided with crossings on the entrance arms of the roundabout - NOT the exits. This means that cyclists face the added danger and delay of having to make extr ... [more]

Cycleway comes to an end with no dropped kerb to rejoin the carriageway. You would have though it might have occurred to the planners to provide a legally useable cycle crossing at this point rather than routing cyclists to a pedestrian onl ... [more]

Cycleway heading north from the Birchwood Way roundabout does not provide a dropped kerb for cyclists to continue along Crab Lane. Instead the cycleway turns left along Fearnhead Lane where is simply stops #113995 (again with no dropped ker ... [more]

bus shelter in the middle of the cycleway

"A frame" barrier #84328 can now be avoided on the Transpennine Trail (NCN 62) UPDATE July 2019: The gate has been locked again

A horrible pinch point on the brow of a hill as the A50 Knutsford Road leaves Warrington and traffic accelerates to the national speed limit. A pathetic attempt has been made at a cycle bypass, but it just throws you unextepectedly back int ... [more]

Tran Pennine Trail goes through a large muddy puddle through the bridge under the A56. UPDATE 2018 - this section now has a tarmac surface - though not particularly smooth.

Fiddle pavement conversion results in absurdly short stretches of shared use and completely unprotected crossing of the entry and exit arms of the roundabout.

Pavement conversion has an uprotected crossing of the busy exit and entry arms of a high speed roundabout

Shared use pavement. No adaption whatsoever other than the blue sign to make it usable by cyclists.

slotted gulley cover could trap cycle wheels at this crossing

Incorrect use of corduroy paving to denote a segregated-shared-use path.

Multi-stage crossing with tight staggered cattle pens on the islands. Very awkward and time consuming.

shared-use bus stop

Cyclists following this fidldy segregated-shared-use path need to make a sharp turn across the exit of the roundabout.

Unprotected crossing of exit/entry arms of a high speed roundabout.

Two-way shared-use cycleway switches from one side of Whittle Avenue to the other - necessitating a delay to cross at the toucan crossing.

Shared use pavement conversion with no protection across entry and exit arms of a roundabout.

Fiddly shared use pavement conversion with no protection across exit/entry slip roads at a large fast roundabout.

Utterly pointless, short, narrow, green, advisory cycle lane

cycle path yields priority to a minor road crossing.

Fiddly pavement conversion offers no protection across exit and entry arms of a large fast roundabout.

Wrong sort of tactile paving used to segregate shared-use path. The corduroy can grab cycle wheels and cause a fall - especially as it is at a slight angle to the direction of travel. It is much safer to ride on the pedestrian side.

Pavement conversion to shared use. No protection across exit/entry arms of the roundabout.

shared-use bus shelter

Warrington Strategic Cycle Route 1 gives way to a minor residential cul-de-sac

Warrington Strategic Route 1 follows this narrow muddy path into Sankey Valley Park. UPDATE 2020: The path now has a wide tarmac surface.

narrow cluttered pavement converted to shared use.

Cycleway directed to use pedestrian crossing illegally

toucan crossing - cyclists held at red even when crossing traffic is stopped - even when you press the button you are forced to wait throgh a compete sequence of the lights.

Toucan crossing with long cattle-penned stagger. The lights do not show green for cyclists when the crossing traffic is held at red. Even if you press the button at this point the light doesnt turn green - you will have to wait for a comple ... [more]

Dangerously thin cycle lane

Narrow rough surface on the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN62)

roots pushing up the surface of Black Bear Park greenway UPDATE 2020: This stretch has been resurfaced.

cycle route from Woolston to Birchwood Station. Narrow rough tarmac surface is being encroached by vegetation

narrow poor-quality tarmac surface

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